Designing and web development have become the profession of unlimited resources and opportunities to be in the market of freelancers.

Most of the market and business has moved toward online spaces tending towards the increased opportunities for web designers.

Therefore, there is strong competition for any new entrant which makes it necessary to maintain a strong and competitive portfolio to grab the attention of employers.

The Projects you practice to boost your portfolio are actually the key to your successful development career.

Top 10 Web Design Projects for Portfolio

Web Development is a vast field and you can find numerous ideas to make a strong portfolio, here we are going to discuss some projects which will definitely help to build up a powerful portfolio to be offered to clients and get your first job as a web designer.

These will guide you from beginners to advanced levels of skills and techniques.

1. One Page Layout

This is a basic beginner project. In this project, you will propagate a pixel-perfect page design by using front-end tools i.e., HTML or CSS. A Responsive web design should be appealing and attractive to users.

2. Landing Page

Developing a landing page and its layout plays a vital role in engaging users or buyers in marketing and business.

It should be powerfully irresistible and as engaging as possible for direct sales. It is also a front-end development and the main tools used for developing landing page layouts are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3. Calculator

This is an effectual and unexacting project to be added to a strong portfolio. In addition to the basic functions of a calculator, try to add some advance level features like unit conversion, and Currency conversion.

4. Personal Portfolio Site

Developing a personal portfolio site would be beneficial in two ways.

  1. You are going to showcase your work and skills to the recruiter where you will put your practice tasks and will display your abilities with your employers.
  1. It will work the same as a dashboard to add things to your personal profile like your social media presence, any video regarding your work, and previous work history with other clients.

Hence, it would be a plus point and the main interface to interact with future clients. You can develop the portfolio site using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap tools or you can also use any CMS.

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5. Make A Survey or Email Contact Form

A survey or email contact form is another good project to showcase your skills to handle databases. You can create a multi-page form that will allow users to save their states between every page to be secured.


Furthermore, try to make sure that the survey form is saving all the data of the user in the database or in the email to be used later.

You can also make a bar chart that will show you every answer and the most-rated answers to every question.

6. Developing A Login Authentication Page

Developing an authentication page or login/signup dialog box is essential for many or most websites. Many websites do add them for mailing newsletters of promotions or new arrivals of their business.

Other use them for security and to assure you that the personal information which you are entering into their database is safe.

You can develop an authentication app or page by using JavaScript. It will also help you to showcase your skills in managing cookies and routing.

7. A Social Media App

After handling all the above-mentioned projects, now you can develop your own social media app using your all expertise. It would be a huge project to be added to your portfolio.

You will create a multimedia CRUD application that could add media to it and will also export the media directly to your phone or could be shareable to different apps and via Bluetooth.

In addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can use any of your desired frontend and backend technology to complete the portfolio App.

8. Web Crawler Application

The purpose of a web crawler application is to make web indexing and collect data from web sources. To make this project you need to use the programming language of your choice.

I would recommend, using the language in which you have a strong grip. It will help you to easily handle the bugs. It is also the best source to learn how different platforms work in conjunction, and how to get handle database queries.

 9. Using Google Maps in an App

API is the easiest way to get data from 3rd party Apps. It saves development time and can provide exceptional features.

API integration is somehow an important part to learn for any front-end developer. You can use google maps on a music or game website to convince employers and clients that you have strong API integration & iframe handling skills.

10.  Building an E-Commerce Site

Last but of course not least career booster development will include developing an e-commerce website to be part of your successful portfolio.

It will be a good project to make people aware that you are well aware of e-commerce management and have hands-on skills to integrate payment processors and inventory management.


A good portfolio is the road to your success. You must have to keep a strong portfolio to grab the attention of employers and to compete with the other developer in the pool.

Your portfolio should need to be diverse and try to use as many skills as you can. It will help you to stand high among others.

But it is necessary to learn here that these do not just end up here. Web development is a vast field and growing every day.

Therefore, it is mandatory to learn these basic things first and then to practice the latest trends and needs with the flow of time to grow and meet the requirements of this demanding field.

Wish you luck with a bright future ahead!!!

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